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audit overseer “has an opportunity to live up to Congress’s vision,” Gensler said in a June 4 statement . Gensler said he was trying to “set it on a path to better protect investors by ensuring that public company audits are informative, accurate, and independent.” He was referring to the vision Congress articulated in 2002, when it established the audit overseer, and the path on which Congress supposedly set the agency way back then. Thus far, try this web-site Gensler is talking about personnel changes rather than any major restructuring of the U.S. audit regulator. But the problems run deeper. They were baked in. Amid the wreckage of Enron, the chairman of a key Senate committee set out to create a new regulator for corporate auditors. However, the audit industry and its political allies resisted. To advance the Sarbanes-Oxley legislation that now bears his name, the late Senator Paul Sarbanes, a Maryland Democrat, made compromises that largely defeated his purpose.


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Alex Konrad I think the underdog mentality here gives a renewed energy.” It’s not just crypto, either: other investors point to digital health and ecommerce as local startup hotbeds now minting unicorns like Spring Health . Craft Ventures' Lainy Painter moved to New York in February. "Five years ago, it was a real point of debate whether companies could scale outside the Bay Area... This way of thinking sounds ridiculous now," she says. There’s another, more personal reason for the trend as well: investors who prefer the city now don’t need to choose it over a job. “I chose to move to New York because it’s filled with arts and culture, diverse people and a massive economic engine,” says Lainy Painter, a partner at Craft Ventures. “It’s a new experience and I love having opportunities to meet with East Coast founders for coffee in the morning or even a show at the Comedy Cellar at night.” “The reason VCs are moving here now is because they’re allowed to. The Bay Area has lost its stranglehold on tech,” adds Logan Bartlett, a partner at Redpoint who initially planned to move to San Francisco upon his hiring, before opportunistically staying put “People want to be in NYC for lifestyle reasons and because no one wears a Patagonia vest.” What do New York’s longtime investors think of the competition to book lower Manhattan’s most popular happy hour spots? They’re welcoming, publicly — not that they have much choice. The good news: investors are following the deal activity, and more entrepreneurs are moving to New York or launching businesses there, they say.